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We are thrilled to share that 29 donors, including multiple CPNP Past Presidents, contributed to the registration and travel scholarships awarded to 20 students to attend the 2019 CPNP Annual Meeting in Salt Lake City, Utah. Generous contributions like these support the future of psychiatric pharmacy and show commitment to improving the care of patients living with psychiatric, neurologic, and substance use disorders. The CPNP Foundation thanks all of its donors for their generosity. Many of the student recipients passed along their thanks as well! We have included a few emails and thank you notes below. Please support future student grant awards at

Frank Tillman, University of North Carolina
PharmD Candidate, 2019

I hope that you are doing well. My name is Frank and I am a current fourth year pharmacy student attending the UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy. I wanted to personally thank you for your generosity as a donor to the student grant program through CPNP. Without the support of patrons such as yourself, many students would not have the ability to expand upon their network and attend CPNP. I am extremely grateful for your contribution toward my future through this amazing educational opportunity. Thank you once again!

Katelyn Gordon, Butler University
PharmD with Psychology Minor Candidate, 2021

My name is Kate and I am the President for the College of Psychiatric and Neurologic Pharmacists at Butler University. Due to your generous financial support, I have been awarded a student registration grant to attend CPNP 2019!

My pursuit for a career in psychiatric pharmacy stems from my interest in psychology and drive for stimulating mental health conversations on campus. This passion led me to help establish CPNP at Butler University 2 years ago. I have been wanting to attend this conference to connect with other students and learn how to grow this organization on our campus. I am also looking forward to meeting with individuals like yourself that will provide greater insight to growing this specialty. If you will be attending the conference this year, I would love to meet and thank you again in person!

Again, I am deeply grateful to you for supporting students like myself to pursue opportunities within psychiatric pharmacy. I am so excited to see how this conference will continue to develop my interest in psychiatric pharmacy! Your financial investment is furthering the impact of future psychiatric pharmacists through this unique educational opportunity.

Teresa Zhen, Belmont University
PharmD Candidate, 2020

My name is Teresa Zhen and I am writing to personally thank you for your generosity and support to fund the student registration and travel grants to CPNP Annual. I valued this opportunity so much that I mirrored your efforts by organizing enough fundraisers this year to create my own chapter's CPNP Annual Registration Grant at Belmont University, College of Pharmacy.

Receiving this grant is such a privilege. I will use it to further advance my knowledge in psychiatric and neurologic pharmacy to offer optimal care to patients, while breaking the stigma against mental illness. It was my first time attending CPNP Annual last year. The speakers were inspiring and informative. The individuals I had the pleasure of meeting were extremely supportive and influential. I look forward to another great experience at CPNP Annual this year!

Patty Maglalang, University of Minnesota
PharmD Candidate, Class of 2021

I'm Patty Maglalang, a second year pharmacy student from the University of Minnesota College of Pharmacy, and I want to personally thank you for your donation to the student grant program last year. With the financial support that you and other donors provided, I have been awarded a student registration grant supporting my attendance at CPNP 2019.  

In the future, I hope to have an integrated career that would allow me to conduct clinical research in psychiatry and neurology, have direct patient care interactions, and teach student pharmacists. I believe that attending the CPNP meeting will be important to my professional development as I plan to pursue an academic career with a focus on neuropsychiatric pharmacotherapy. 

I am grateful to the contribution you are making toward my future and the future of the psychiatric and neurologic pharmacy profession through this great educational opportunity. I am excited to attend this conference and have the opportunity to network and interact with students and professionals who share similar professional goals and visions as me. 

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