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Trivia Nights at CPNP 2021

Four nights of evening trivia rounded out full days of learning during CPNP 2021. Trivia Emcee John from St. Louis, Missouri took players through themed questions each night around the following categories:

  • Monday: General Knowledge
  • Tuesday: Television and Film
  • Wednesday: Math, Science, Geography, History
  • Thursday: Sports, Celebrities, and Music

It was a race for time during the quiz-style trivia that offered 4 multiple choice options per question. The quickest, correct responses landed players on top of the leaderboard. A total of 53 players battled it out with a few teams returning for multiple nights. A few of the most creative team names included:

  • On Wisconsin
  • Ur Mom
  • PFFs (Pharmacy Friends Forever)
  • Guys and Hal-dols
  • Tyrannosaurus Rx

Thanks to everyone that played trivia!

Supporting Leadership Training on Effective, Goal-Oriented Facilitation

The CPNP Foundation sponsored 20 participants in a 5-session facilitation workshop that spanned 10 weeks. This workshop provided hands-on training in established techniques to plan and facilitate effective virtual, goal-oriented meetings. The learned skills can be applied to peer discussions, office planning meetings, project review meetings, and other important professional and personal meetings.

The workshop was rated extremely well by participants such that repeat offerings will be considered! Here is a sampling of the feedback:

  • Great learning experience. I'm soaking it up and sharing with others.
  • I really appreciated the opportunity to share what I had put together, see others' work, and receive feedback from the group.
  • Another excellent session that provided me new tools to try out during the daily debrief sessions.
  • I sincerely hope CPNP continues to offer this in the future! I think it will be highly valued as an experience. I would encourage this for all committee leaders and community leader to help them lead more productive and engaging meetings and programs.
  • My supervisor has asked me to share highlights with other pharmacy managers! Thanks so much for the opportunity to participate in this experience. I'll definitely be recommending this to others if it is offered in the future.
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