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The Annual Fund Campaign: Creating a Better Future for Patients with Neuropsychiatric Disorders

Barbara G. Wells, PharmD, FASHP, FCCP
CPNP Foundation President

Be a part of extending the reach of psychiatric and neurologic pharmacy. By making a generous contribution to the CPNP Foundation Annual Fund Campaign, you will help patients with psychiatric and neurologic disorders have greater access to evidence-based care. Read more.

CPNP Foundation Rolls Out New Web Site

Matthew A. Fuller, PharmD, FASHP, BCPS, BCPP
CPNP Foundation President-Elect

One of the four core goals of the CPNP Foundation’s strategic plan is to establish ongoing, accessible communication to raise awareness and promote engagement.  One of the ways this is being accomplished is via this quarterly newsletter, the Kaleidoscope. Another critically important way to improve communication is to roll out a new web site with social media interconnectivity. Read more.

“What You Should Expect from Your Pharmacist - A Guide for Patients and Families” Now Available

Michael Z. Wincor, PharmD, BCPP
Member, CPNP Foundation

The CPNP Foundation Board is pleased to announce the completion and availability of the What You Should Expect from Your Pharmacist - A Guide for Patients and Families. The origins of this Guide date back to the Foundation’s research led by Glen L. Stimmel, PharmD and Charlie Caley, PharmD, BCPP which was conducted in 2012. That project, entitled “Characterizing the Relationship between Individuals with Mental Health Conditions and Community Pharmacists,” was done in collaboration with the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI). Read more.

Mental Health Pharmacy Directory Going Live!

Charles Caley, PharmD, BCPP
CPNP Foundation Past President

UPDATE: 2/1/2019 - The Mental Health Pharmacies directory project was discontinued in June 2018 and no longer exists online. Links have been removed from this article.

During the past 18 months, the CPNP Foundation has been working on developing a new website dedicated to recognizing mental health pharmacies in the United States. With the generous support of Otsuka and the efforts of our website development partners, GuideMark Health, we will be launching a website with a searchable directory in early-to-mid December. A static version exists now and can be seen at "". This website is intended to be used by consumers, advocacy groups, pharmacists and other health care practitioners, psychiatry organizations and legislators. Read more.

Defining the Future Grant Recipients Announced

Carla D. Cobb, PharmD, BCPP
Member, CPNP Foundation

The CPNP Foundation is pleased to announce the recipients of the first annual Defining the Future Grant Awards. Many applications were received outlining exciting and important projects. Although we had planned to make three awards, there were four applications that stood out, and we were able to provide grants to all four! Read more.

Living With My Medication – The Photo Voice Project

Charles Caley, PharmD, BCPP
CPNP Foundation Past President

The CPNP Foundation values the perspectives of individuals living with mental illness, as their perceptions enhance our understanding of their needs and struggles. At nearly every CPNP annual meeting, the Foundation has sponsored unique patient-focused events or programming to allow attendees to learn about patients’ personal experiences living with mental illness. In this issue of Kaleidoscope we bring you the final installment of the Photo Voice Project – see image below with caption. Read more.

CPNP Foundation Lifetime Donors

CPNP Foundation wishes to thank its generous donors for their cumulative giving in these start-up years for the CPNP Foundation. Log into the CPNP Foundation website to join the ranks as a CPNP Foundation donor. Read more.