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Barbara G. Wells, PharmD, FASHP, FCCP
CPNP Foundation President

As a neuropsychiatric pharmacist, you work every day to help create a better future for your patients. One important way to extend your daily efforts to an even larger scale is to make a generous contribution to the 2014 CPNP Foundation Annual Fund. Through the end of 2014, your donation will go even further thanks to Dr. Joni Fowler and Creative Educational Concepts matching donations to the Annual Fund up to a cap of $5,000.

We all know that the great majority of patients with psychiatric and neurologic disorders are truly underserved. So often they have limited access to the care they require, sparse community support, and very inadequate financial resources. The stigma associated with their illness further impedes their access to care.

The commitment of CPNP members to serve our patients is exemplary and inspirational. CPNP members don’t pull back from these challenges; they face them head on. The CPNP Foundation reflects the selfless dedication of CPNP members. This year the Foundation completed a new strategic plan which we believe charts a bold new direction. Our new mission focuses on the needs of individuals living with psychiatric and neurologic disorders, their families, and health professionals in general practice settings to further evidence-based treatment. CPNP Foundation board members are working to elevate the expectations of patients and caregivers about what they should expect of their pharmacists. In addition, we are working to develop a directory of pharmacy providers which deliver evidence-based care to those with psychiatric and neurologic disorders. We will also be developing education and training opportunities, tools, and resources for generalist pharmacists to help them to better meet the needs of their patients with neuropsychiatric disorders and to reduce stigma. The Foundation is developing a small research grants program for students and residents and will once again be providing partial support to 15 students to attend the 2015 Annual Meeting.

We ask that you step up to support the important work of the CPNP Foundation by giving generously. Your gift can improve the lives of patients and families. You can assist us in creating a better tomorrow where the stigma of mental illness is replaced with understanding and compassion. Your participation inspires hope and is essential to our success. You can easily donate or pledge online or print off a donation form to complete and return by mail at Make your contribution now, so your gift will be recorded for the current fiscal year and will support the important work of the Foundation in 2015. We are extremely grateful for your continued support.

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